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Watch White Knight (2011) online free

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White Knight (2011)

Plot :

Leroy Lowe, Grand Dragon of the Texas Ku Klux Klan against everything he has learned to hate, when he was sentenced to three years hard labor on a working farm in jail, where he keeps Merville, determined to choose Emilio Leroy rehabilitation , a Hispanic field worker jailed for fighting for union rights, to be his cellmate. Leroy, trapped in a tiny cell with the enemy, far from friends of the Ku Klux Klan who abandoned him, a conversationalist Emilio slowly destroying his anger and prejudice. Their weekly meetings with the director of rehabilitation, which can hardly be used as drones in man on farm work and field crops, acquire another meaning when Madalena is a beautiful housekeeper hired to clean up Mexico office the governor. An unconventional love story develops as Leroy opened his eyes to the possibility of another life. And a man born and raised race are going down a different path to salvation.

Information :

All Genres: Comedy
Release Year: 2011
Director:Jesse Baget
Cast: Tom Sizemore,Stacy Keach,Kevin P. Farley

Watch White Knight (2011) online free videos :

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Version 3 Part 1, Part 2 VidCannon
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Version 6 Part 1, Part 2 flixbuster
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